SyFy Channel Developing Miniseries Based on Pax Romana and The Magicians

So in the last few months, SyFy has already made some quite impressive programming announcements that include a series adaptation of Twelve Monkeys, another series based on The Expanse novels and a mini-series called Ascension.

This on top of Helix which just aired (and will be back for a second season) and Dominion which premieres June 19th along side the returning Defiance.

Not too shabby for a channel that people insist never shows any science fiction.

2509112674 39bed3748d SyFy Channel Developing Miniseries Based on Pax Romana and The MagiciansNow though they’re announcing they’ve put two further mini-series into development. Development does not guarantee they will air, but it does involve an investment of time and money on SyFy’s part and is further evidence that they seem committed to ramping up their original programming slate.

Pax Romana is a graphic novel by writer Jonathan Hickman, who lately is probably best known for his work on the Avengers comics, but he also had a strong run on Fantastic Four and has a number of other independent comics to his name. The basic idea of Pax Romana is:

Vatican-backed research has discovered the secret of time travel. With it the Church plans to fix the future by altering the past. They send a warehouse of modern weaponry and enhanced soldiers to Rome in 312AD.

So that could be interesting. WHile I’ve read several of Hickman’s books, this isn’t one of them. Guess I’ll have to add it to the list.

download SyFy Channel Developing Miniseries Based on Pax Romana and The MagiciansThe second mini-series is a very different kettle of fish, but still very interesting. The elevator pitch for The Magicians is Harry Potter for grown ups, but I suspect that sells both series short. Again I haven’t read The Magicians, but I have heard a lot of positive things about the book and its sequel.

The book focusses on one Quentin Coldwater, a high-school graduate who attends Brakebills Academy, a college for magicians (thus the Harry Potter comparison). My understanding is that it deals with rather more mature concepts and that Coldwater himself is far less likeable than Potter.

Again I should stress that development does not equal production. Still all this activity from SyFy is quite encouraging.

Source: Deadline

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