Stargate:Universe — Human, Thoughts

I really didn't enjoy last week's episode of Stargate:Universe (Faith), so I approached Human with a mixture of hope and trepidation. SGU is a show that's definitely on the bubble for me. If I didn't have a DVR scheduled recording I'd probably not be watching. I keep hoping though that one week it will blow me away.

Human isn't that sort of episode. But it was very good. The primary focus this week was on Dr. Nicholas Rush. That's always a good thing because it gave Robert Carlyle (easily the strongest actor on the show) a chance to shine.

Human gives us a chance to see some key moments in the life of Doctor Rush prior to SGU. It explores his driven nature and what might be causing that relentless drive. Louise Lombard did a great job with her role as Rush's wife, generating a surprising amount of emotion from such a small part.

It was good to see Michael Shank's Daniel Jackson again, but really it was just a cameo appearance and the function could have been filled equally well by anyone.

There was a B plot to the episode, but initially it just seemed to be there to provide a lighter tone. Something that is a bit of a rarity in this show. Oh and the giant spider was quite creepy. It did give the writers a chance to show that they aren't ignoring the events of previous episodes though and the cliffhanger ending caught me by surprise.

Once again we see evidence that the show is not really structured episodically but is more of a continuing narrative a la Lost.

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