Stargate:Universe — Faith, Thoughts

I've enjoyed the last couple of episodes of Stargate:Universe but the trailers for Faith didn't particularly inspire me. The ship drops out of FTL and lo and behold there's an Earth type planet in easy range. No Stargate, but there is a giant monolith. Of course this is all a little to perfect and Rush thinks the planet must have been created by aliens.

Part of a crew spends a month on the planet while Destiny loops round the star. Which gives both the soldiers and civilians a chance to bond. While it's good that they're picking up on the plot points from the previous episode, this does not make for interesting viewing. The TJ sub-plot is equally tedious. Did anyone not realize what was "wrong" with her?

Then we get mired in a tedious discussion about whether the crew should stay on the planet rather than going back to the ship. Lots of significant looks and very little real tension.

I'm afraid we're right back to the stuff they were serving up in the early episodes. No sign of the aliens, no action and a trite, predictable storyline. I hope this is just a momentary re-lapse.

At least the trailer for next week looked better. It will be nice to see Michael Shanks again.

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