Stargate: Universe S01E15 — Lost, Review

Last week on Stargate: Universe we were left with an excellent cliffhanger as several key members of the Destiny crew were left stranded on a planet while Destiny took off for parts unknown. It was an ending that took me pleasantly by surprise.

This week we pick up right where we left off with the crew of the Destiny trying to figure out a way to rescue their lost away party and our three "heroes" stumbling around underground dodging giant spiders. The spiders are still creepy incidentally. To complicate things on Destiny they seem to be having some power problems.

Lost is certainly a solidly scripted episode of Stargate: Universe, but it suffers from the same problem that the series as a whole has. It's almost relentlessly bleak. In this case the mood suits the story being told though and the underground scenes were effectively claustrophobic.

SGU has a much stronger emphasis on personal drama than either Stargate Atlantis or Stargate: SG-1. But the emphasis on personal drama can only work if you care about the characters. This is an area that Universe has been consistently weak on. They made an effort to correct that for Greer, but I could have done without the flashback scenes.

They tried to tie the flashbacks into what was happening to Greer in the present, but it just slowed the plot down and Greer's history now seems painfully cliched.

Speaking of cliches, I thought we were going to be subjected to the most overused plot point in the history of storytelling when Tamara attempted to tell Colonel Young about the baby only to be interrupted. Fortunately she did finally tell him later in the episode and that wasn't dragged out any longer.

Couple of other plus points were seeing the alien's ship again. I hope this means we're going to see a lot more of that sub-plot soon. Oh and Chloe finally does something other that 1) look hot and 2) cause trouble. If they're not careful they may make her a useful character.

Perhaps the best thing about this episode though was the ending. If I was surprised by the stranding last week, I was caught completely off-guard when they left Chloe, Eli and Matthew stranded at the end of this episode and even teased that Destiny was leaving the galaxy.

I have no doubt they will resolve this soon, but at least they're not hitting the instant reset at the end of each episode which was what it felt like earlier in the season.

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