Spike Explains How The World Works… Or Why Buffy Was Awesome

Spike-Explains-How-The-World-WorksI was reminded today of just how much I enjoyed Buffy The Vampire Slayer and why I enjoyed it. This scene from Season 4, Episode 8 — Pangs where Spike tries to explain to Buffy and the rest of the Scoo­bies how the world really works and why they need to stop being so apolo­getic and soft always makes me laugh.

It doesn’t hurt that I think there’s more than a hint of truth in what Spike is saying, harsh as it may be. That of course is what makes for a compelling antag­o­nist. You should be able to iden­tify with them and see a logic in their behavior.

I think it may be time to rewatch Buffy from the begin­ning. I think it’s all on Netflix these days.

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