Should I Watch Oscar Winning Movies?Hint, the answer is no.

Should I Watch Oscar Winning Movies?
Hint, the answer is no

So anecdotally I have observed that I do not seem to share the academy's taste in movies. But being me, I felt like quantifying that.

There have been 86 Best Picture awards issued to date. I have apparently watched only 35% of them (30 movies). But even worse, I only enjoyed half of those I watched or 17% (15 movies).

That's a really poor number. But perhaps it's because I've only watched a small fraction of them. So let's narrow the scope and look at the awards issued since 1985. By that point I was a teenager and so actively going to movies and not purely subject to the whims of tv or my father.

29 movies have received Best Picture awards since then. I've watched 45% of them (13 movies) but I only enjoyed 24% or 7 movies.

So despite being old enough and having the means to, I still had no interest in even watching 55% of these movies and even after narrowing the field to things I thought I might like I still didn't like most of them.

Pretty much if something wins an Oscar the safe bet would be for me to not watch it.


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