There Was No Shortage of Practical Effects In The Star Wars Prequels

One of the complaints you hear a lot about the Star Wars Prequel trilogy (and there are a lot of complaints) is that everything was digital and you might as well have been watching a cartoon. While it’s true the movie was shot digitally, that complaint turns out to be bullshit.

Because there are huge amounts of practical effects in the prequels as this batch of photos demonstrates:

Now all of these effects would have been further digitally enhanced, but suggesting that this was the problem with The Phantom Menace or Revenge Of The Sith is to miss the point almost as badly as the movies themselves did. They’re bad because the pacing is terrible, the emotional focus is all wrong and generally speaking they’re badly written. The effects have nothing to do with it.

Source: Slashfilm.com – The Incredible Invisible Practical Effects Miniatures Used To Create The Star Wars Prequels

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