Roadblocks to Change #1 — Lack of Energy

Following on from yesterday's post on failing, I'm still thinking about the process of change (and hopefully improvement with it). The single biggest barrier to change is inertia. But inertia is made up of a lot of different elements and I thought it might be worth looking at some of them individually.

Lack of Energy

This is certainly a big one for me. Between work and family I often just don't feel like tackling anything challenging. I imagine my day is similar to a lot of parents. I have to go to work early and due to my unpleasant commute I'm actually out of the house for 11 hours a day. On the way home I pick up the boys and from then it's a rapid progression of homework, dinner and getting them ready for bed. My evening then begins around 8pm at which point I have maybe 3 hours (max) until it's time to be asleep. Really then it's no wonder if I'm not exactly motivated to try anything very adventurous at that point in the day.

There are other possible reasons for tiredness of course: Depression; anxiety; poor health;  stress; poor diet. All of these and more could be contributing factors. The more I think about this, the more I see it as a vicious circle where these things feed into each other making it harder and harder to change directions.

Breaking the Circle

So having identified what's happening, how do you change things? I'm going to use a word I hate (because of its new agey vagueness). You need to take a holistic approach to the situation. Since all these things feed into each other you can't just change one and be free and clear. You have to make small changes to all of them. Which, hopefully, will allow you to make larger changes as time progresses.

Knowledge is Power, Analyzing is Paralyzing

There's a fine line between identifying the problem and just wallowing in it. Figure out what is the biggest cause of your lack of energy, that you can control, and start there. Don't analyze it to death. So, lets look at some of the factors for me:

  • Depression & Anxiety - It's a recurring issue, but I'm taking steps on that one. More on the subject at a later date.
  • Stress - Definitely a major factor. There are plans in motion, but it's out of my control for the moment.
  • Poor health - Eh, somewhat. I'm semi-active but I've been gaining weight.
  • Poor diet - Yup, this one links directly to the rest. Too much junk food, gaining weight. May be time to get back on a diet.

Next: Before I start looking at some other roadblocks, I think I'm going to talk about the Myth of Willpower.

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