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Doctor Who Series 8 (episode 9)

Doctor Who Review: S08E09 — Flatline

Oh this was such a good episode. Doctor Who is a juggling act and th best episodes manage to give you humor, fear, action and a big idea all in a single package. It's not easy, but when it works it's great. This worked. Writer Jamie Math­ieson came through with a script that was actu­ally even stronger than Mummy On The Orient Express, which is no small achievement.

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TV Review — Supernatural S10E02 — Reichenbach

After a lack­luster start to the new season, Super­nat­ural comes roaring back with a much more impres­sive episode that actu­ally has a bit of bite to it. It's pretty much a direct contin­u­a­tion from Black, but Reichen­bach  has a very different feel to the Super­nat­ural season première. There's an edge here that was sadly lacking in episode one. What's In A Name? It's an inter­esting choice of name don't you think?

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Doctor Who Review: S08E08 — Mummy On The Orient Express

For the last few years Doctor Who has been fixated on high concept episodes. Big, bold ideas of the sort you could imagine people mashing together and throwing out on twitter. There's not a lot of room for subtlety in these ideas though. In fact subtlety is some­thing we aren't seeing very much of in Doctor Who currently. Even the latest title sequence is an exer­cise in hitting the viewers over the head.

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TV Revew: Arrow S03E01 — The Calm

Season 3 of Arrow starts with things in a good place for Team Arrow, showing us everyone working together happily and effec­tively like… well an actual team. This is not normal for this show. And speaking of not normally Oliver seems almost, happy, for once. Which is completely contrary to the normally sulky indi­vidual we are used to.

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TV Review: Supernatural Season S10E01 — Black

The more things change, the more they stay the same. That's pretty much been the rule for Super­nat­ural for several seasons now. They throw in a few twists and turns, but funda­men­tally you know what you're going to get when you sit down to watch an episode of Super­nat­ural. And mostly that's prob­ably what its loyal fans want. Douchey Dean With the opening episode of Season 10, title Black, Super­nat­ural quickly set up the new status quo, which it turns out contains most of the elements that were in the previous status quo.

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Doctor Who Review: S08E07 — Kill The Moon

Well that was certainly a wild ride. The episode opens in very familiar terri­tory for this season but we soon find ourselves surrounded by classic horror tropes (flick­ering lights, flash­lights, noises, spider-like crea­tures). Of course over the years Doctor Who has often borrowed the common elements from movies to sculpt its episodes. But Kill The Moon isn't satis­fied with just aping one genre. Instead we rapidly tran­si­tion from horror to epic disaster movies as the whole moon begins to break up around the Doctor and his companions.

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TV Review: Doctor Who S08E06 — The Caretaker

This episode of #DoctorWho really didn't work for me. I had a lot of the same issues with The Care­taker that I had for Robot of Sher­wood. Once again there are inter­esting concepts at play but they get drowned out by the comedy. To make matters worse though while the photog­raphy seems like some of the best the series has offered, this time out the design work left some­thing to be desired. The Skovox Blitzer looked and acted like some­thing from the (delib­er­ately) more childish Sarah Jane Adven­tures and as a result did not muster any actual sense of threat at all.

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