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There are very few shows that I review every single episode for (basically Doctor Who and Sherlock right now) because in most cases there’s not enough new happening on a week by week basis to justify a review. Those sorts of reviews end up more recap than anything else.

However I watch a fair number of genre shows and I like to post the occasional review to give my impressions on how things are going. That’s what you’ll find in this section.

doctor-who-cyberman-moonbase Doctor Who Review: The Moonbase

The second outing for peren­nial Doctor Who villains the Cybermen and Patrick Troughton’s first meeting with them is a less than thrilling affair. Even allowing for the much slower pace of a all the 60s Doctor Who there’s still some­thing partic­u­larly stagey about this adven­ture. Moon­base uses the base-in-peril format that was the template for this period … Continue reading Doctor Who Review: The Moon­base

Constantine TV Review: Constantine

Thir­teen episodes and that is likely all you get for Constan­tine. Offi­cially it hasn’t been cancelled yet, but the odds are piled up so high against it, you’d be better to assume it was and avoid disap­point­ment. So what went wrong? John Constan­tine is a DC Comics char­acter perhaps best known for the long running Hell­blazer comic … Continue reading TV Review: Constan­tine

1939689_640810859351855_869998885696590894_o TV Review: Agent Carter

Two episodes into Marvel’s latest TV venture Agent Carter I feel like I have a good enough grasp on the series to pronounce it great. It’s not impor­tant or worthy tv. It’s not pushing the bound­aries or remaking tv drama in any way. But it is wonder­fully fun, and that’s what I want from a tv series. It’s basi­cally a glorious mixture of … Continue reading TV Review: Agent Carter