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posters Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Disney does super­heroes, sort of. That’s basi­cally what Big Hero 6 is, but it’s worth taking a moment to clarify what it isn’t. It is not a Marvel animated movie, nor is it a Pixar movie. Approaching it expecting either of those things will likely end in disap­point­ment. Gener­ally Big Hero 6 follows a tradi­tional Disney story arc. It … Continue reading Movie Review: Big Hero 6

pacificrim_jaegers_wallpaper Movie Review: Pacific Rim

I’m a little late getting to this one. It’s been sitting in my to watch pile for a long time, but I was never in the right mood.Pacific Rim  is not by most defi­n­i­tions a good movie but it may well be a very fun movie. Basi­cally we’re dealing with big, dumb, action movie here. It’s likeTrans­formers pretty much. That should upset some people, but it is.I … Continue reading Movie Review: Pacific Rim

Dredd_01 Movie Review: Dredd

I don’t dislike the Stal­lone Judge Dredd movie as much as some do, but it’s fair to say that it was not a faithful adap­ta­tion of the source mate­rial. The 2012 movie Dredd star­ring Carl Urban as Judge Dredd and Olivia Thirlby as trainee Judge Anderson hews much closer to the comic books though it does … Continue reading Movie Review: Dredd

percy-jackson Movie Review: Percy Jackson & The  Olympians — The Lightning Thief

I haven’t read any of the books, so my reac­tion to this movie (and anything I say about it) is based purely off what was on the screen. I mention that because my imme­diate reac­tion to Percy Jackson & the Olympians — The Light­ning Thief was that it desper­ately wanted to be Harry Potter. Every­thing that happened in … Continue reading Movie Review: Percy Jackson & The  Olympians — The Light­ning Thief

despicable-me-2-still03 Movie Review: Despicable Me 2

Sequels are a tricky thing. They have to somehow extend the premise of the orig­inal movie to new areas while still hitting all the notes that the audi­ence liked from that first one. Two goals that head in different direc­tions. Despi­cable Me 2 largely manages the task though. It is a little less focussed than the first move … Continue reading Movie Review: Despi­cable Me 2

Wreck_It_Ralph_36068 Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

This turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. I had seen the adverts of course and as someone who grew up during the 70s and 80s they natu­rally appealed to me. But they really didn’t give any indi­ca­tion of plot or char­ac­ters. So I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. And Disney’s track record with computer … Continue reading Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph