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Comics Review: Captain Marvel

If you’re looking for a largely tradi­tional super­hero comic with a female lead then the current iter­a­tion of Captain Marvel is well worth a look. Written by Kelly Sue Decon­nick and drawn by assorted artists this is a book that features a super­hero doing the sort of things you expect Marvel super­heroes to do (no not fighting each other, the … Continue reading Comics Review: Captain Marvel

Graphic Novel Review: Kill Shakespeare Vol 3: The Tide Of Blood

If I wanted to give a comic book reader a quick idea of Kill Shake­speare I’d prob­ably say it’s like Fables only with you know… Shake­spearian char­ac­ters. Because, well, it is. Which is cool, because I like Fables. Pulling this off with char­ac­ters and settings from prob­ably the best known name in western liter­a­ture is a bit more diffi­cult than … Continue reading Graphic Novel Review: Kill Shake­speare Vol 3: The Tide Of Blood

Graphic Novel Review: Masks

Masks is a rather ambi­tious cross-over for Dyna­mite gath­ering together a slew of golden age heroes that they either have a license for or who may have conve­niently fallen into the public domain. The Shadow, The Green Hornet and Kato, The Spider Zorro, the Green Lama, Miss Fury, Black Terror, and the Black Bat all feature in this … Continue reading Graphic Novel Review: Masks

18113986 Book Review: ZVR: Diplomacy

ZVR is short for Zombies vs. Robots. ZVR: Diplo­macy is a prose offshoot of the ZVR comic books. It takes the same basic high concept… robots are fighting zombies and explores how this zombie plague is affecting other coun­tries, namely Russia and Britain. Diplo­macy makes for a cool name, but let’s be clear there’s not a lot of … Continue reading Book Review: ZVR: Diplo­macy

Graphic Novel Review: A Distant Soil — The Gathering

I recog­nize that A Distant Soil is a highly signif­i­cant comic book for several reasons including its self-published status and having same gender couples as promi­nent char­ac­ters. And so for those reasons I would prob­ably recom­mend that people read this for them­selves. Unfor­tu­nately at least for me, this doesn’t have much else to recom­mend it. I like a lot of … Continue reading Graphic Novel Review: A Distant Soil — The Gath­ering

17689253 Graphic Novel Review: Doctor Who — Winter’s Dawn, Season’s End

Since I was working from a partial review copy, I didn’t have the full volume to read, just the first 4 issues (2 stories). Specif­i­cally The Hypo­thet­ical Gentleman by Andy Diggle and Mark Buck­ingham and The Doctor and the Nurse by Brandon Seifer and Philip Bond. This should be fairly repre­sen­ta­tive of the mate­rial avail­able in the full volume … Continue reading Graphic Novel Review: Doctor Who — Winter’s Dawn, Season’s End