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Starting in early 2012 I decided that I would make a habit of reviewing everything I read and all the movies I watched. On top of that I’ve begun to review other products and sometimes tv shows as well.

These reviews are just my personal thoughts on my entertainment choices. I wouldn’t use them as your sole guide on what to read or watch, but if it helps… great!

Red-Banner Book Review: Red by J.B. Wise

My latest #GreatIndieRe­view­Pro­ject book is Red by J.B. Wise. Taking char­ac­ters from classic fairy tales (in this case Red Riding Hood), bringing them to the present day and giving them a para­normal spin is a concept that is rife with poten­tial. I see glim­mers of that poten­tial in Red but some­times the execu­tion gets in the way. It’s worth … Continue reading Book Review: Red by J.B. Wise