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Starting in early 2012 I decided that I would make a habit of reviewing everything I read and all the movies I watched. On top of that I’ve begun to review other products and sometimes tv shows as well.

These reviews are just my personal thoughts on my entertainment choices. I wouldn’t use them as your sole guide on what to read or watch, but if it helps… great!


Dragonlance Re-Read: Dragons Of Autumn Twilight — Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Dragons Of Autumn Twilight Re-Read

I've never blogged a re-read before, so to a large extent I'm making this up as I go along. The basic idea is that I'm breaking the book down into about 10 chunks so I have a decent amount to discuss, but it doesn't take a year to get to the end of it. For this first part I'm looking at the prolog and Chap­ters 1 through 4 of Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Before I get to that though, I thought it would be worth setting the scene a little bit:

Dragons of Autumn Twilight was published in 1984 and fantasy fiction was rather different back then. Most of the big names we're currently familiar with hadn't been released (no Wheel of Time or Harry Potter or Game of Thrones). There were a few block­buster series (Eddings Belgariad and Brooks Shan­nara spring most readily to mind) but the market was much smaller and there wasn't much in the way of licensed or game based fantasy fiction. Drag­onlance changed that in a big way.

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Movie Revew: X-Men — Days Of Future Past

There was a time some years ago when the X-Men movies were seen as the height of super­hero adven­ture on the big screen. Things have changed a lot in the last decade. Mutants no longer reign supreme in the comics or the movies. Unable to partic­i­pate in the great Marvel Plan and hampered by a truly atro­cious movie in X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men movies just don't get the atten­tion they used to.

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Doctor Who Review: S08E10 — In The Forest Of The Night

An episode with signif­i­cant struc­tural flaws yet it enter­tained me anyway. Steven Moffat has gone on record that part of his vision for Doctor Who is for the show to be a dark fairy­tale. This approach is certainly not univer­sally popular since it tends to down­play the science elements of the show. How strong those science elements every were is admit­tedly debat­able, but still it's a bit of a hot button with people. I mention this because Season 8, Episode 10 — In The Forest Of The Night just screamed fairy­tale to me.

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The Clockwork GiantL

Book Review: The Clockwork Giant by Brooke Johnson

Okay so this is a slightly unusual situ­a­tion. I'm reviewing a book that won't be published until 2015, but it was published when I bought it. That's because the author self-published and then subse­quently sold the book and a sequel to a major publisher. That expla­na­tion out of the way let's talk about The Clock­work Giant by Brooke Johnson. It's a Young Adult novel with a steam­punk setting and a heavy emphasis on romance.

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Doctor Who Series 8 (episode 9)

Doctor Who Review: S08E09 — Flatline

Oh this was such a good episode. Doctor Who is a juggling act and th best episodes manage to give you humor, fear, action and a big idea all in a single package. It's not easy, but when it works it's great. This worked. Writer Jamie Math­ieson came through with a script that was actu­ally even stronger than Mummy On The Orient Express, which is no small achievement.

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TV Review — Supernatural S10E02 — Reichenbach

After a lack­luster start to the new season, Super­nat­ural comes roaring back with a much more impres­sive episode that actu­ally has a bit of bite to it. It's pretty much a direct contin­u­a­tion from Black, but Reichen­bach  has a very different feel to the Super­nat­ural season première. There's an edge here that was sadly lacking in episode one. What's In A Name? It's an inter­esting choice of name don't you think?

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