Review: Eureka S05E01 — Lost

The opening minutes of the start of this final season of Eureka give us prob­ably more outright CGI than the entire previous season. It’s a very non-Eureka sort of thing.

And then all of a sudden, it’s very Eureka. Nicely twisted. What makes it work so well is that it’s only a couple of years since they pulled a similar conti­nuity changing stunt and stuck to it. So when you’re presented with the idea that the crew of Astraeus have somehow returned 4 years in the future… Well lets just say you buy it.

But of course there’s more going on that meets the eye an we get the usual Eureka quirkiness.

I don’t suppose many people will pick up a series this close to the end, but if nothing else season 5 will give Eureka fans plenty to enter­tain them if this is any indication.

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