Prometheus 2 It’s Happening

Prometheus 2 Concept Arts 600x252 Prometheus 2 Its Happening

So Prometheus. It was a bit of a disappointment really wasn’t it?

I actually kind of enjoyed it on it’s own merits. I mean it was very pretty. Well we are talking about Ridley Scott after all. But as a “not-prequel” to Alien… well I think people were expecting a lot more.

So the news that Prometheus 2 is in fact happening will probably be greeted with less than cheers. But let’s not get too negative here.

Prometheus 2 will shoot some time in 2014 and will be released to theaters March 2016 (so they aren’t expecting huge box office from it). A script has been written by Jack Paglen and is now being reworked by Michael Green  (who co-wrote Green Lantern so that’s a bit of a worry).

But the reason I’m staying optimistic is the one little thing we’ve been told about the actual stories. It will feature Michael Fassbender playing multiple Davids. And Fassbender was easily one of the highlights of the first movie.

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