Pneumatic Wolverine Claws

Pneumatic Wolverine Claws

pf button both Pneumatic Wolverine Claws

but62x20 Pneumatic Wolverine Claws

Okay the presen­ta­tion in the video is pretty hard to take. Music is too loud, the guy is down­right obnoxious.


These pneu­matic Wolverine claws that go both in and out… and spark if you run them against each other. Those are really cool.

Sure they're bulkier than the real Wolverine's claws and… you know… they're don't go under the skin… and they aren't made of a fictional inde­struc­tible metal. But I think we can give a pass on those details because they are entirely func­tional as designed.

Good god though man… calm down. Medi­tate or something.

but62x20 Pneumatic Wolverine Claws

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