One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other — A Pictoral Tribute To DC’s Live Action Superhero Incarnations


DC has three top tier superheroes. The trinity as they're often referred to. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. All of them have appeared in one form or another in live action (either movies or tv) and this image by hitokirivader represents the changes in costumes over the years.

It also, unfortunately, makes a rather sad statement about how DC has repeatedly failed with Wonder Woman.

If you wanted to pad things out a bit there are a couple of Wonder Woman tv pilots with different costumes. But then you'd have to included other representations of Batman and Superman too.

Let us hope that when Gal Gadot makes it onto our screens we have a credible modern Wonder Woman and who knows.. maybe she'll get an actual movie of her own.

Speaking of which. Marvel... you're not off the hook either, I still think you should be planning a Captain Marvel movie.

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