Photos From The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train In The Magic Kingdom

DSC5161So the final element in Disney’s New Fanta­sy­land expan­sion for The Magic Kingdom is finally open and now everyone (or at least everyone with $100 for a park ticket) can try out the new family coaster/dark ride The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

It’s been pretty exten­sively covered every­where so I’m sure you’ve seen the promo­tional photos and the video footage. It’s not a thrill ride by most people’s stan­dards and comparison’s to Diagon Alley over at Universal when it opens may be unfa­vor­able. But the photos shot by Disney Photog­raphy Blog show just how beau­tiful the theming on this ride really is.

Source: Disney Photog­raphy Blog — Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Photos

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