Photographing Harpers Ferry at Dawn

So last week I had the brilliant idea that I'd love to take some photos from the Harpers Ferry overlook at dawn. It's always an impressive view and that early morning light would make for something spectacular.

Sunrise this Saturday was officially just after 7am so assuming I wanted to be ready and waiting by 6:30 I had to get my lazy rear out of bed and down to Harpers Ferry for 5:30. Which somehow I managed.

It was very dark at that time in the morning and slightly foggy. I was actually really tempted not to even walk up Maryland Heights but just to take some really nice photos of the fog, the lights and the stars. I guess I'll save that for another expedition.

I've made the walk up to Harpers Ferry Overlook several times before and it's a relatively wide path if a little rocky. Walking around in the middle of nowhere in the dark is really not a very good idea and if I wasn't so familiar with the route and confident that I would have phone signal all the way up, I probably wouldn't have done it. Even with my LED flashlight I found it quite disorienting walking through the woods in the dark.

I'd timed things perfectly and reached the overlook at around 6:30 which gave me plenty of time to get comfortable and pick out a few spots to test things out with. What I hadn't counted on was the thick low cloud blanketing Harpers Ferry.

Fortunately as the light began to increase I was able to pick moments when the cloud was thinner and grab some nice shots and watch as the sky gradually changed color.

Unfortunately where the outlook is situated you are looking away from the sun so there was no chance of a sunrise shot, but as it got higher, the sunlight did start to reflect off some of the buildings and I was able to take this panoramic shot giving the whole view from the outlook.


Definitely worth the effort of getting up there even in the dark. I may do it again sometime, but probably not for a while, I was tired the rest of the day.

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