PageFair — Using And Ad Blocker? How About  A Donation Then?So I stumbled upon PageFair entirely a…

PageFair - Using And Ad Blocker? How About  A Donation Then?

So I stumbled upon PageFair entirely accidentally. AdBlockers are very common these days. I use one. I'm willing to bet the majority of people who read this use one.

The reasons for using them vary, some people just hate advertising on principle. Some are okay with ads but find that on many sites it's overwhelming and intrusive (I'm thinking of those bloody flash adverts that float in front of things and play video!).

But there's a catch. A significant number of websites rely on advertising in order to pay the bills. So if you actually like what you're getting for a site, shouldn't you support it.  There are after all costs to everything in life.

What PageFair claims to do is first identify how percentage of a site's traffic is using ad blockers and then allow the site owner to craft an appeal to those people asking them either to remove the ad blocker or to donate some money as alternative.

Which seems like a pretty fair exchange to me. What do you think?


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