The Wolves Of West Virginia Part 3 — Like A Thief In The Night

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series The Wolves Of West Virginia

The route to Shep­herd­stown is very dark at night. I mention it because all those twists and turns I talked about earlier are partic­u­larly fun when you can't see them coming.  So my second trip to the town took signif­i­cantly longer than the first. Not that I was really in that much of a hurry. I mean, I was about to break into an apart­ment (for the second time that day) and hunt for a book about were­wolves in a town where were­wolves appar­ently resided.

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TV Review — Supernatural S10E02 — Reichenbach

After a lack­luster start to the new season, Super­nat­ural comes roaring back with a much more impres­sive episode that actu­ally has a bit of bite to it. It's pretty much a direct contin­u­a­tion from Black, but Reichen­bach  has a very different feel to the Super­nat­ural season première. There's an edge here that was sadly lacking in episode one. What's In A Name? It's an inter­esting choice of name don't you think?

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World Wide Photo Walk 2014 — Harpers Ferry

This is the second year in a row that I've partic­i­pated in Scott Kelby's World­wide Photo Walk. Last year I joined a walk at Gettys­burg, this year I stayed closer to home and partic­i­pated in a walk at Harpers Ferry. Orig­i­nally I planned on doing a different walk since I take photos at Harpers Ferry on a semi-regular basis, but I thought it would be inter­esting to view the place from other people's eyes and see what that brought to light. One of the reasons I like these photo walks is that they force me to slow my pace down a bit. I have a tendency to walk fast and snap photos.

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Doctor Who Review: S08E08 — Mummy On The Orient Express

For the last few years Doctor Who has been fixated on high concept episodes. Big, bold ideas of the sort you could imagine people mashing together and throwing out on twitter. There's not a lot of room for subtlety in these ideas though. In fact subtlety is some­thing we aren't seeing very much of in Doctor Who currently. Even the latest title sequence is an exer­cise in hitting the viewers over the head.

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TV Revew: Arrow S03E01 — The Calm

Season 3 of Arrow starts with things in a good place for Team Arrow, showing us everyone working together happily and effec­tively like… well an actual team. This is not normal for this show. And speaking of not normally Oliver seems almost, happy, for once. Which is completely contrary to the normally sulky indi­vidual we are used to.

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The Eternals by tigaer

Short Fiction: In The Shadow Of The Eternals

Alis­tair stared out of the window at the gargan­tuan struc­ture and scowled. He should know better than to assign feel­ings to a building but it felt like it was taunting him. Looming over his tiny flat blocking out any other view. Making it hard to sleep at night with the constant humming. They were omnipresent.

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