Book Review: The Thirteenth Tower by Sara C. Snider

The Thir­teenth Tower offers a rather different style of fantasy story from the usual epic.  It's a much more personal tale and also smaller in scale. The world does not seem to be in the balance here. The story here is all about Emelyn and her place in the world. You might be forgiven, on reading the opening chapter, for thinking you were reading some sort of Downton Abbey type of novel. Certainly that seems to be the type of world that Emelyn lives in, working as a servant in a house owned by a well to do family. But this low key begin­ning lulls the reader so that when the weird­ness begins happening, it is all the more striking. And the strange carnival of wildlings or fae crea­tures with the towns­folk firmly in their spell has an almost dream­like quality to it that is also very effective.

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Doctor Who (series 8) ep 12

Doctor Who Review: S08E12 — Death In Heaven

As I mentioned in my review of Dark Water, Steven Moffat doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to concluding two parters. Indeed if there's one crit­i­cism you can always levy at him it's that he tries to cram too many ideas into his stories. I loved Dark Water which kept the action going from begin­ning to end and set up multiple cliffhangers for the season finale. But would Death In Heaven be able to deliver? Yes and no. There are some really strong elements to Death In Heaven with the inter­ac­tion between Missy and The Doctor being right there at the top of the list. But there's also some clever use of imagery and  a solid reso­lu­tion to the Danny/Clara rela­tion­ship as well. Looking purely at the plot outlines almost every­thing is right.

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Fiction Short — The Black Bat Cornered

Quinn wrenched open the door and launched himself through it, knocking the man on the other side flat on his back. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he ran into the ware­house. He could hear the foot­steps of his pursuers close behind. At least they didn't have the dog with them. He needed to hide, get his breath back, get a plan. The ware­house was large and dark, apart from the lantern near the entrance. Perfect for the Black Bat. Maybe there was another exit somewhere.

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The History of Science Fiction Part 11: 1950 — 1959 — TV, Radio and Movies

During the 1950s science fiction exploded out of print and onto the airwaves. Of course people were already used to seeing science fiction in the movies, but now they could expe­ri­ence it on the radio or watch it on tv. A lot of what was produced for the Amer­ican market was aimed firmly at the juve­nile audi­ence but there was also some more sophis­ti­cated output too and outside of America the BBC produced a number of very worth­while serials. But let’s start with movies where crea­ture features were proving to be popular. But there were also some adap­ta­tions of clas­sics and some movies that remain note­worthy to this day. We are now at the point in this history where it is completely imprac­tical to list every­thing or even every­thing that has some signif­i­cance. However there are trends that can be high­lighted. Movies So called crea­ture features were a big draw at the movies and the 1950s produced quite a few of them.

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Dragonlance Re-Read: Dragons Of Autumn Twilight — Part 2

Part two of my re-read of Dragons of Autumn Twilight picks up, unsur­pris­ingly, right where I left off at the end of part one. This time out we're covering chap­ters 5 through 9 and at the current rate it looks like there will be about 10 parts in total. The constel­la­tion known as the Queen of Dark­ness and the one called Valiant Warrior. Both are gone. The Story So Far Our brave compan­ions flee the town of Solace making for the Crys­talmir Lake in an effort to escape the goblin search parties. An effort that has mixed success. They finally hole up for the night in a cave and we learn some of the back­story of River­wind and Gold­moon. During the night Raistlin notices an alarming thing.

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12 Characters Marvel Should Put In Their Movies

Marvel enter­tain­ment have announced the third phase of their epic and impres­sive movie plans.  And if you thought Guardians of the Galaxy was a risky move they've shown they have no such worries with movies based on Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel all in the lineup. So with Marvel clearly happy to mine even C or D list char­ac­ters at this point I thought it would be fun to put together a list of the ten char­ac­ters I would really like to see in Marvel's movies. Since I'm a major comic book fan… I ended up with 12. Of course the licensing rights to Marvels char­ac­ters are a bit twisted up, so some of these may not actu­ally be avail­able to Marvel right now. Anni­hilus Anni­hilus is a warlord/rule of the Nega­tive zone and was tradi­tion­ally seen as a Fantastic Four char­acter due to his origin. This means that it's possible he's not avail­able to Marvel right now since Fox has the license for the Fantastic Four family of characters.

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Book Review: Ink Mage by Victor Gischler

Well this was a hot mess. Which caught me by surprise because the author, Victor Gischler is a published writer with award nomi­na­tions to his name. I haven't read his prose previ­ously but had read some of his comic book work. It wasn't amazing, but it was funda­men­tally compe­tent. So what went wrong here?

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