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Google_Glass_Explorer_Edition The Growing Luddite Cacophany

The Luddite move­ment in the 19th century was targeted specif­i­cally against creeping indus­tri­al­iza­tion and the effect it was seen to be having on society. The concern was legit­i­mate because the Indus­trial Revo­lu­tion did massively change things  and partic­u­larly in the short term there were nega­tive conse­quences. But the Luddite response was narrow minded, short sighted … Continue reading The Growing Luddite Caco­phany

Google+WalkingDead Google+ Is Walking Dead (Or How To Troll For Clicks If You’re A Tech Blog)

In that past I have been… crit­ical… of the stan­dards of tech­nology jour­nalism on the web. There’s a reason for that. It’s shit. It’s so bad it’s an insult to my and your intel­li­gence. It panders to partisan fanboys and trades in gossip. It passes off opinion as fact and flashy emotional language for actual content. It is … Continue reading Google+ Is Walking Dead (Or How To Troll For Clicks If You’re A Tech Blog)

oculus-rift-inside WTF Is Wrong With You People?

This could prob­ably be a daily segment, but here’s the quote that made me think this: “We expected a nega­tive reac­tion from people in the short term, [but] we did not expect to be getting so many death threats and harassing phone calls that extended to our fami­lies,” Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Really? You’re so upset about the … Continue reading WTF Is Wrong With You People?

PageFair — Using And Ad Blocker? How About  A Donation Then?So I stumbled upon PageFair entirely a…

Page­Fair — Using And Ad Blocker? How About  A Dona­tion Then? So I stum­bled upon Page­Fair entirely acci­den­tally. AdBlockers are very common these days. I use one. I’m willing to bet the majority of people who read this use one. The reasons for using them vary, some people just hate adver­tising on prin­ciple. Some are okay with ads but find that on … Continue reading Page­Fair — Using And Ad Blocker? How About  A Dona­tion Then?So I stum­bled upon Page­Fair entirely a…

Chromecast Hands On Shows Revision 3 App Chromecast Hands On Shows Revision 3 App

So there have been rumors today that a number of other services will shortly become avail­able for Chrome­cast (including Wash­ington Post, HBOGo and Revi­sion 3). This hands on actu­ally shows the Revi­sion 3 iOS app func­tioning which means those rumors are pretty cred­ible. Eoghann Irving Overly opin­ion­ated owner and author of eoghann​.com. You can get updated on his … Continue reading Chrome­cast Hands On Shows Revi­sion 3 App

Chromecast — Bought One

So yes I’ve bought one of these already. Now normally I’m a wait, see the reviews, make a careful judge­ment and then find it cheaply sort of person. But at $35 it’s already bargain price and with 3 months of free Netflix (which I use) the price comes down to $11 plus ship­ping and tax. That doesn’t require a lot … Continue reading Chrome­cast — Bought One

Amazon Sale: Remote Controlled UFO

I don’t believe in alien visi­ta­tions, but I do believe in UFOs. LIke this rather excel­lent remote controlled one which Amazon is selling today for only $25. The advan­tage of these sorts of flyers is unlike the tradi­tional heli­copters and planes, they don’t break easily and they’re much more stable. So incom­pe­tents like you and me can fly them. … Continue reading Amazon Sale: Remote Controlled UFO