Autism Awareness Month: Why I Don’t Post Links To Medical Research About Aut…

Autism Awareness Month: Why I Don't Post Links To Medical Research About AutismThere's a huge amount of information on the internet about medical research into the causes of Asperger's Syndrome and Autism. I basically never post about any of it. I have a few reasons for that.1) I'm Not Looking For  A CureUnlike certain outspoken groups I don't take a position on whether it is morally right or wrong to want a cure for your children's autism. Because I recognize we're dealing with a condition that is not black an white. They call it a spectrum for a very good reason. You just can't make blanket arguments about what is …Read more  »

Autism Awareness Month: Diagnosis of Asperger’s/Autism As An Adult

This is a story that everyone should read. My own experience is similar and yet different. My son's diagnosis brought a sharp focus for me on a lot of my own behaviors. Things that I had largely dismissed as quirks, idiosyncrasies or just plain stubbornness.Where things differ is that at 40 I have reached a point in my life where I am comfortable with who I am. Twenty years ago a diagnosis might well have helped me. Now, it doesn't change anything for me. But it's so important to have that option available. And while clearly a lot of progress has been made in Autism Awareness when it comes to …Read more  »

Autism Awareness Month: Common Asperger’s Traits

The article I'm linking to provides a great summary of common traits exhibited by children (an adults sometimes) with Asperger's syndrome. It also provides links to more detailed information for each one. Since it's part of the autism spectrum, Asperger's can vary significantly between individuals. Not all of these traits will be present and those that are will be there to different degrees. But I recognize most of these to some extent from my children. Just yesterday for example I got to hear the entire history of Wrench Man (a LEGO superhero that my son invented). This was detailed. There have been three incarnations it turns out and I got …Read more  »

Autism Awareness Month

I stumbled on this idea for an alternative symbol to represent Autism and I rather like the idea of something this simple rather than the puzzle piece. I'm also not entirely happy with the symbolism of that puzzle anyway.'s a touchy subject apparently, as you can see from the comments on that page. People read a lot, frequently too much, into symbols.But I threw together my own version of the symbol (on the right) and while I'm not completely happy with it because I'm no graphic designer I'm thinking I may start using it as an icon on my Aspergers/Autism posts and particularly for the website.

Autism Awareness Month: Socializing In Context

I love this article about the way that children with aspergers syndrome choose to socialize. Like many other things they do it based on their priorities, not the rest of societies.This is definitely something we see at home and  it's something of a battle at school where they are very big on participation, something that Jamie sees almost no point in at all. I'm kind of with him on that one.Also note the way the author uses tokens here. It refers to using up a limited pool of energy. And the tantrum that will inevitably happen when the pool is all used up.While at first glance the idea of making …Read more  »

Autism Awareness Month: Helping Children With Aspergers To Socialize

How significant an issue this is will of course depend on the nature of your child's autism. It being a spectrum there are pretty much infinite variations. The mistake I think we made as a family was leaving it as late as we did before the children really got a chance to socialize. It was more a case of circumstances than planning but they didn't have much if any exposure to other children until Pre-school and then when the Asperger's came to light there was already a kind of distance created between the other children. Some elements have been worked on at school, particularly in terms of social niceties and …Read more  »

Autism Awareness Month: Children With Autism And Bullies

Of course it's not just children with Autism who get bullied. Bullying is a depressingly common thing during school years. But children with Autism or Aspergers make particularly easy targets for bullies. And are not well equipped to deal with the problem. So far we as a family have been lucky in that we haven't faced any serious bullying. I suspect that if it does happen the bullies may be surprised at the way Jamie lashes out. But then if he does that we will have to deal with the school who will have a problem with any violence. So how do you address the problem of bullying? What copying …Read more  »

Autism Awareness Month: Coping With High Functioning Autism In A Classroom Envir…

Autism Awareness Month: Coping With High Functioning Autism In A Classroom EnvironmentI like this article for a couple of reasons. One is that it gives simple and practical advice for older people with autism about how they can approach the classroom. And two it recognizes that they have a responsibility in this too. They cannot simply sit back and expect everyone else to adapt to their personal needs.While the advice is aimed at older children or adults in an educational setting, a lot of the principals will also work for younger children. They too should be encouraged to do their absolute best and not use autism as an excuse for …Read more  »

And In Breaking News Vaccines Still Not Linked To Autism

Not that, you know, facts, are going to change anyone's mind. Here is even MORE proof that vaccines don't cause autism. So you can stop beating that undead zombie horse. The whole vaccine/autism "debate" is a zombie-horse that refuses to stay beaten to death. Writing today for Forbes, Emily Willingham continues to fight back the anti-vaxxers' undead steed with a newl...

Teaching A Child With Aspbergers

This is an excellent list of suggestions/tips for how to approach teaching children with high functioning autism. Embedded Link 70 Tips & Tricks for Educating Students with Aspergers/High-Functioning Autism Research has identified classroom characteristics that promote success for children with Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism: individualized instruction, interesting curriculum, positive reinforceme...

On Asperger’s, Empathy and Violence

Words like Autism and Aspergers are coming up a lot in news reports at the moment. Despite the fact that last I'd checked we don't have a confirmed diagnosis of any specific condition. Anger out of frustration is not uncommon for those with aspergers, but that's a very different thing to what happened the other day. Indeed those people with Aspergers tend to follow rules (and thus laws) very closely. So the article below is worth reading: Embedded Link The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism: Autism, empathy, and violence: One of these things doesn't belong here Some news coverage in the last 24 hours has mentioned autism in the context …Read more  »

Talking To Your Child About Aspergers

Here's an interesting article on the importance of discussing Aspergers with your child and making sure they have a positive perception of it. Embedded Link Explaining Aspergers to Your Aspie Moms and dads go through a range of emotions when given their youngster's diagnosis of Aspergers or High-Functioning Autism (HFA). Often times, brothers and sisters, grandmothers and grandfathers,...

Aspergers Children and Media Access

This is part of a great series about media access and children with aspergers. The one I'm dealing with the most however is tantrums as a result of computer or video games. We've had to put a number of restrictions on both the computer and Wii. No playing before school. No playing until after homework is done. And at the weekend restrictions on how long they can play at any time. The trick seems to be to set those rules before they start playing, not try to implement them once they're already on the computer. Embedded Link Life with Aspergers: Drawing the Line on Media Access for your Child with …Read more  »

The Strengths of Aspergers

A lot of posts about Aspergers and Autism focus on the problems of dealing with them and how to help them. But it's nice from time to time to remind ourselves of the positive things that those with Aspergers or high functioning autism offer. Embedded Link The Strengths of Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism possess a combination of strengths and difficulties. This video focuses on the strengths: Most Aspergers children: can stick to routines… are able to forgive othe... Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell.

Place Blindess And Aspergers

This is an interesting one. I can certainly become lost very easily. But that's mainly in locations I don't know. Though I can get turned around in familiar locations too if they are changed at all. Jamie certainly doesn't have this particular problem. If anything it's the reverse. His memory means he pretty much always knows where he's going if he's been there before. Embedded Link My Aspergers Child: Place-Blindess in Individuals with Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism Some children and teens – and even adults – with High-Functioning Autism and Aspergers frequently become lost because they can't remember previously seen places. An estimated 33% of people with As...  

Aspergers And Oral Sensitivity

An interesting article about the sensitivity that many children with Aspergers or other forms of high functioning autism have to textures and tastes of foods. I recognize a number of these things from my kids. Iain's favorite food for example is just bread and butter and when he was younger we had huge battles over chewing his food but not swallowing it, or choking on it. Also interesting that I have a huge preference for mild tasting foods. Embedded Link My Aspergers Child: Oral Sensitivity in Children with Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism In contrast to motor-based swallowing problems, difficulties with eating can also stem from dysfunction with the sensory system. …Read more  »

Aspergers Children and Routines

Jamie and Iain both develop routines very quickly and it can be extremely limiting. We expect Pizza on saturdays and pasta on Wednesdays. Pizza on Tuesday causes considerable discussion and debate (even though they love pizza). When I pick them up from daycare we have to play music and we must start from the last song we played the day before. We must stop to pick up the mail on the way home. Deviation will raise questions and sometimes tantrums. Embedded Link My Aspergers Child: Repetitive Routines and Rituals in Aspergers Kids Some kids with Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism develop a resistance to (or fear of) change, that then involves …Read more  »

Teaching Aspergers Children Self-Care Skills

I haven't posted something Aspergers related in a while. So here's a good one. I can particularly relate to the point about often being too tired to do extended or intense skill coaching. Tags: #aspergers Embedded Link My Aspergers Child: Teaching Self-Care Skills to Children with Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism When our challenged Aspergers kids are young, it's natural for parents to want to do things for them. Learning new skills is frustrating, and finding ones at the right developmental level is trick...

Don’t Tell Me How To Deal With Autism

Sometimes I find the Autism community very trying. They almost universally mean well. But there are fundamental differences in approach and instead of looking to the common ground and pooling their efforts there all sides instead seem to insist on fighting a dogmatic battle that doesn't actually benefit them or their children. The fundamental problem is that autism is not one thing. It's called a spectrum for a reason. The range is huge. There is no way you can find a set of treatments or behaviors that will work for all (or even most) autistic people. The challenges that someone with Aspergers faces is very different to the challenges of …Read more  »

Parenting Tricks for Aspergers Children

Some interesting suggestions here for parents struggling with a stubborn (what, surely not?) aspie child. Embedded Link My Aspergers Child: Amazing Parenting Tricks for Raising Aspergers Children Amazing or not, raising a child with Aspergers will take a few "tricks of the trade" that you wouldn't need to have "up your sleeve" were you raising a "typical" chil...  

Communicating With Aspies

Yesterday as my wife drove us to Applebees for a meal, she went past a couple of what seemed to me like perfectly good parking spots so I said: "Where are you headed?" Before she could answer she had parked the car in a nice spot. Subject closed right? "To Applebee's" Iain announced from behind me. Now, not only did Iain know that we were going to Applebee's he knew I knew. Because I was the one who told him in the first place. Despite that the subtext of my question was completely lost on him. Embedded Link My Aspergers Child: How To Stop Confusing Your Aspergers Child: 10 Tips …Read more  »

What Were They Thinking?

Oh good god. Will this drivel never end? I'm sorry to see a website that has posted good and useful articles sinking to posting this blatant fear mongering advertisement. It's attempting to rip people off for $25 with lies, half facts and outright distortions. Preying on parent's fears is disgusting. At best it's a cheap money grab by this site. At best. Embedded Link My Aspergers Child: Vaccination Is NOT Immunization Do you have doubts whether vaccines can really protect your child from illness or disease? Do you worry that your child could become autistic, or develop asthma, allergies or even a fatal childhood di...  

Aspergers and Speech

One of the areas where Aspergers is often visible is in the child's speech and interaction with others. Embedded Link My Aspergers Child: Aspergers and Delayed Speech Question Does a child with Asperger Syndrome typically have delayed speech too? Answer Approximately 50% of kids with Aspergers have delayed speech. While many Aspies grow out of this by age five, oth... Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell. Related articles Special Edition - Aspergers ( Why is Asperger's syndrome considered a form of autism? (

The Precarious Balancing Act of Parenting an Aspergers Child

Being the father of a child with Aspergers Syndrome adds a few extra twists to the already quite challenging job of parenting. Things have been going remarkably smoothly for us this summer. We were quite worried about the transition from school to summer daycare but that went without a hitch. In fact we've had no issues for 7 weeks. Everything was going so well I just stopped worrying about it. Which is when, of course, something happened. Yesterday we got an email from the daycare letting us know that our son had been having a "bad day". He was short tempered, yelled at the other children, spat and refused to …Read more  »