Black Widow: Marvel is planning a standalone movie | Den of Geek

I'm sure this will make a lot of people online happy anyway. Personally I think there are far more interesting female characters in the Marvel Universe than the perpetually bland Black Widow, a character who basically just seems to be defined by hyper-competent which... isn't actually a personality at all. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige hasn’t left himself a fat lot of wiggle room with his latest answer to the question of a possible Black Widow movie. Since she debuted the character on screen in Iron Man 2, questions have been asked about whether Scarlett Johansson will get to headline her own Marvel feature. And the answer now seems to …Read more  »

The Ultimate Guide to This Summer’s Science Fiction and Fantasy TV

Highlights for me include the return of Person of Interest, The Last Ship and the premiere of Preacher. What catches your interest? bills this as an Ultimate guide but since it only goes up to July 31st they're using a pretty narrow definition of Summer. Ever heard of August guys? Summer always feels so full of things we should be doing, and yet, when there’s so much new television, why should we even bother to leave the house? There’s a bevy of new series about the supernatural, there are some welcome returns, including Mr. Robot. But this summer’s biggest show is the long-awaited Preacher—which better live up to the …Read more  »

And the Doctor’s New Companion Is…

We're not straying too far from type here. The Doctor's new companion is still female and young. But if this trailer is anything to go by Bill as played by Pearl Mackie is going to bounce of the Doctor a little differently to the last two. I'm optimistic. I also really like this method of introducing the new companion. Rather than just giving us a press photo we get an idea of how she will act and speak in character.

Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP Enabled

My blog now has both Google AMP and Facebook's Instant Articles enabled.  Both of these formats are intended for the mobile web and speed is their main advantage. This is all part of my ongoing (and time consuming) efforts to make my posts as widely accessible as possible though in this case you'll only see the benefits if you're on mobile and using a service that supports it (Facebook for Instant articles and specific links for AMP) AMP was pretty easy to do because there's a Wordpress plugin. It's really basic (no settings at all) and the end result is equally basic with no images, but it is fast. So …Read more  »

George R. R. Martin Open To Game of Thrones Spin-off — Techaeris

How do you feel about a Game of Thrones spinoff? HBO are obviously keen to keep the showing going since it's hugely popular, but the showrunners have stuck to their guns (so far) about ending the show in the next two seasons. It's a big world though with plenty of other characters and time periods to explore. A Song of Ice and Fire author George R. R. Martin believes that there are plenty of opportunities for a Game of Thrones spin-off or two. Source: George R. R. Martin Open To Game of Thrones Spin-off - Techaeris

James Cameron tells CinemaCon crowd: four Avatar sequels planned, not three

The director has told audiences in San Diego that a new movie has been added to the planned – and much-delayed – follow-ups to his 2009 3D smash Source: James Cameron tells CinemaCon crowd: four Avatar sequels planned, not three Does the world need four more Avatar movies. I don't say that for a cheap dig at Avatar it's just that we're talking about another 8 hours of story here. Is there actually that much to tell? Cameron has earned the right to do whatever he wants when it comes to movies mind you.

The Twilight Zone Will Return as an ‘Interactive’ TV Series

CBS has announced plans to revive the iconic anthology series The Twilight Zone, but it won’t be an ordinary TV show. Instead it’s a melding of TV and video games, helmed by gaming industry legend Ken Levine (the driving force behind Bioshock). Source: The Twilight Zone Will Return as an 'Interactive' TV Series I'm not sure what to make of this. The Twilight Zone has a special place in  tv history but anthology series have struggled in the modern market (though season long anthologies seem popular now). The interactive element is interesting though.  Is "choose your own" something you want from your tv?    

Musing on Medium’s Place in my Workflow

So piece by piece I am fitting together a blog centered workflow the encompasses not just full length blog posts but also shorter micro-posts that are closer to what I would normally write on Twitter or G+. As I combine these elements I have to figure out what posts belong where. Obviously long posts belong on Medium, that's what it was built for. What about these short snippets though? Thoughts anyone.

Dragonlance Re-Read: Dragons Of Autumn Twilight — Part 3

Part three of my Dragons of Autumn Twilight Re-read covers chapters 10 through 12. "Tanis, we must leave. There is nothing more we can do and we must reach Xak Tsaroth. Then we will have our revenge." The Story So Far Despite Raistlin's warnings the company enters Darken Wood. At first it all seems fine and pleasant, but after night falls things change. Tanis notices that his elven sight is not working and the company finds itself surrounded by the spirits of the dead. Raistlin is able to communicate with them and they are taken to meet a group of centaurs who in turn take them deeper into the wood …Read more  »

Money In The Bank 2014 Thoughts

WWE's annual Money In The Bank pay per view (apparently we're still calling them that even though you know... you can just watch them on the WWE Network) is an opportunity for some of their most popular wrestlers to hurl themselves off of ladders. This year there were actually two ladder matches on the card, the first what they are referring to as the traditional (well it's been 10 years apparently) Money In the Bank match where the winner gets a contract for a title match and the second being for the actual WWE title which sadly has been vacated due to Daniel Bryan's ongoing and apparently not healing neck …Read more  »

Diet Progress

I hit a milestone today. It's an arbitrary one in many ways but satisfying nevertheless. When I weighed myself this morning I clocked in at 174lbs. That puts me at the absolute upper end of normal weight and takes me out of the overweight category (BMI just below 25). I say it's an arbitrary milestone because I know I'm still carrying a significant amount of excess fat (mainly on my stomach) and I'm looking to lose 6-9lbs more before I might consider myself done. Still it is nice after just over 3 months (94 days) to officially not be overweight. And so naturally I ran the numbers to see how …Read more  »

Photos From Inside The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley

The new Diagon Alley expansion to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando is set to open to the public on July 8th. And while we've seen concept art, up to now Universal haven't let us see the real thing. But as these photos show this may well be the best themed land in any Theme park in the world. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="119405,119406,119407,119408,119409,119410,119411,119412,119413,119414"] Now a lot of the stores are just facades, but some of them are real (all the better to sell you stuff) and the attention to detail shines through in these photos. Granted you are never going to see the place this empty, but …Read more  »

The Growing Luddite Cacophany

The Luddite movement in the 19th century was targeted specifically against creeping industrialization and the effect it was seen to be having on society. The concern was legitimate because the Industrial Revolution did massively change things  and particularly in the short term there were negative consequences. But the Luddite response was narrow minded, short sighted and a classic mob mentality. Welcome to the 21st century. And on the internet (somewhat ironically) it's becoming increasingly common to see reactionary screeds about the evils of technology. Whether it's spy satellites, spy glasses, being too connected, runaway Artificial Intelligence, or cancer from wifi, there's an awful lot of noise being made about how …Read more  »

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter — New Interactive Window Effects In Action At Hogsmeade

So I previously wrote about the fact they seem to be prepping the new interactive magic wands and have set up plaques in various locations around the Wizarding World ready for the wands. But since Diagon Alley In Universal Studios remains closed despite the construction walls coming down, no one had seen anything in action. But Hogsmead over in Islands of Adventure is open and they're going to have the interactive elements there too. TouringPlans have posted a short video of the interactive shop windows in action (not the wands themselves mind you) which will give you a good idea how this is going to work. It looks really cool, …Read more  »

Signs That Interactive Wands May Be Happening at Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade In Universal Studios

There have been rumors about interactive wands for months now, but nothing has been officially announced. The idea is simple enough and a variation on what Disney have done in Epcot with Phineas & Ferb in the World Showcase area and in the Magic Kingdom with the Pirates Adventures. Basically it would be an RFID token that triggers some sort of animatronic or action in a specific location. And described like that it sounds very simple and unimpressive, but consider a child purchasing a special interactive wand and then being able to levitate something... The markers shown here are inscribed with what is immediately familiar to Harry Potter fans as …Read more  »

Construction Walls Come Down Around Diagon Alley At Universal Studios Florida

TouringPlans are reporting that the construction walls have been taken down around Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida and around the new Hogsmeade Station in Island Of Adventure. That doesn' t mean anything is open yet, and no soft openings have happened yet, but we're getting very close now. Check out TouringPlans report for lots more photos by Seth Kubersky. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="119260,119259,119258"] Source: - PotterWatch: Diagon Alley’s London Waterfront Walls Are Down

You’re Fired! The Best Of Mr. McMahon

Here's another treat for WWE Network subscribers courtesy of WWE Network Playlists. This time round it's a best of compilation of Mr. McMahon from the Royal Rumble in 1999 all the way through to facing off against CM Punk on RAW in 2012. The transformation of Vince McMahon from rather goofy straight laced play by play announcer (who was not really acknowledged as the owner of the WWF) to heel authority figure Mr. McMahon who would feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin (and then pretty much every other major babyface in the company) was in many ways the turning point for WWE's fortunes. It's also an angle that over time …Read more  »

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Unleashes The Villains For A Special Event

Disney have thought up yet another way to part you from your money while you visit Walt Disney World. This time out, it's Disney's Hollywood Studios (usually considered the runt of the park litter) that will be getting the attention. Disney have announced a new ticketed party called Villains Unleashed for one day only (August 23rd). The party will feature 50 Disney villains in one form or another plus some special events like Hades Hangout & Dance Party, Oogie Boogie's Variety Show, A Star Wars villain zone, a fireworks show and an extra pre-show to Fantasmic. Of course there will also be special food (I'm betting on at least a …Read more  »

WWE Payback 2014 PPV Thoughts

WWE Payback was better than it deserved to be. The build up to this PPV (or special event as I believe they are now being called) was at best lackluster. To be fair that wasn't entirely WWE's fault. The situation with Daniel Bryan and his neck surgery left them without a WWE Title defense and with a lot of uncertainty. I'll give them credit for booking themselves out of that quite well. But even allowing for that, it was definitely a card that felt (with the exception of John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt and The Shield vs. Evolution both of which were return bouts) like it was an episode of …Read more  »