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Dragonlance Re-Read: Dragons Of Autumn Twilight — Part 3

Part three of my Dragons of Autumn Twlight Re-read covers chap­ters 10 through 12. "Tanis, we must leave. There is nothing more we can do and we must reach Xak Tsaroth. Then we will have our revenge." The Story So Far Despite Raistlin's warn­ings the company enters Darken Wood. At first it all seems fine and pleasant, but after night falls things change. Tanis notices that his elven sight is not working and the company finds itself surrounded by the spirits of the dead. Raistlin is able to commu­ni­cate with them and they are taken to meet a group of centaurs who in turn take them deeper into the wood to meet the Forestmaster.

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Body Measurements Over time

Diet Progress

I hit a mile­stone today. It's an arbi­trary one in many ways but satis­fying never­the­less. When I weighed myself this morning I clocked in at 174lbs. That puts me at the absolute upper end of normal weight and takes me out of the over­weight cate­gory (BMI just below 25). I say it's an arbi­trary milestone […]

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The Source Of All Evil?

The Growing Luddite Cacophany

The Luddite move­ment in the 19th century was targeted specif­i­cally against creeping indus­tri­al­iza­tion and the effect it was seen to be having on society. The concern was legit­i­mate because the Indus­trial Revo­lu­tion did massively change things  and partic­u­larly in the short term there were nega­tive conse­quences. But the Luddite response was narrow minded, short sighted […]

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Wizarding World Of Harry Potter – New Interactive Window Effects In Action At Hogsmeade

Wizarding World Of Harry Potter — New Interactive Window Effects In Action At Hogsmeade

So I previ­ously wrote about the fact they seem to be prep­ping the new inter­ac­tive magic wands and have set up plaques in various loca­tions around the Wizarding World ready for the wands. But since Diagon Alley In Universal Studios remains closed despite the construc­tion walls coming down, no one had seen anything in action. […]

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Signs That Interactive Wands May Be Happening at Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade In Universal Studios

There have been rumors about inter­ac­tive wands for months now, but nothing has been offi­cially announced. The idea is simple enough and a vari­a­tion on what Disney have done in Epcot with Phineas & Ferb in the World Show­case area and in the Magic Kingdom with the Pirates Adven­tures. Basi­cally it would be an RFID […]

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