Net Neutrality — Stop Expecting Google to Do Your Job!

So in the last week there's been a lot of fuss online about net neutrality. It's a debate that's been dragging on for months (years?), but the recent announcement by Google and Verizon of a proposed framework to address net neutrality has brought it out into the open. As far as I can tell with the exception of AT&T, no one is happy with the proposal (well presumably Google and Verizon are).

By this point I've read through several different summaries of the framework and I think it's flawed. What I don't understand is the absurdity of blaming Google, claiming they are evil and that they have handed the internet over to the phone companies.

It isn't Google's job (or in fact that of any company) to negotiate an agreement on your behalf. It isn't their job to protect your rights or arrange for you to be given new rights. We already have an organization for that purpose. It's called the Government.

Unfortunately the Government has so far totally failed to live up to its responsibilities. The FCC seems either unable or unwilling to exercise enough political influence to set up a deal. And sadly it seems that more than a few representatives are only too happy to listen to one sponsored lobbyist or another.

And yet who are people complaining about.? Who are people organizing protests against? Yup, Google. A company that doesn't even have the capability to make it's proposed framework law in the first place!

French philosopher Joseph de Maistre said "Every nation has the government it deserves." and there's a lot of truth in that statement. If you want true net neutrality, start lobbying the people with the power to enact it and stop believing that some fairy godmother corporation will come along and do all the hard work for you.

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