My Books

I am currently writing a series of contemporary fantasy novellas under the title:

The Case Files of Douglas Brodie

An ongoing series of contemporary fantasy novellas featuring Douglas Brodie a Scottish wizard now living in West Virginia (for reasons as yet undeclared).

Douglas mainly just wants to live his life in peace but magical outbreaks have a habit of finding him whether he likes it or not.

#1: The Wolves of West Virginia - Published

Wolves-3d-bA wizard searching
for a missing student discovers a small town’s worst-kept secret: werewolves!

Why is a Scottish born wizard living in small town West Virginia? Douglas Brodie likes to keep a low profile, unfortunately strange things have a way of happening around him. Douglas finds himself called on to play detective and help find a missing student in a nearby university town, but of course it’s not that simple. And how come no one mentioned the pack of werewolves that live there? What is the mystery of the werewolves and how does it relate to the missing student?

The Wolves of West Virginia is the first novella in the Case Files of Douglas Brodie contemporary fantasy series.

An Urban Fantasy Novella, in the mold of Harry Dresden, with an Appalachian twist.

The Wolves of West Virginia is available at:

Amazon.comSmashwords and Barnes & Noble

ZombieMart-3-d#2: ZombieMart

When Douglas Brodie, reluctant wizard, clocks in for his night shift at the local superstore the last thing he expects is a store full of zombies. Now he has to keep himself alive, defeat the zombies and if possible keep his colleagues alive too! If he can do all that perhaps he can prevent the impending zompocalypse from spreading through West Virginia.

Fast paced Urban Fantasy with zombies, magic and more, ZombieMart gives contemporary fantasy an Appalachian twist.

ZombieMart is the second installment in the Case Files of Douglas Brodie will be released on May 3rd 2015.

Dragon-Hoard-3-d#3: Dragon Hoard - 1st Draft

Douglas is working at the local casino now but, you guessed it, something is not right. Currently being serialized on the website.