More Support For Micro 4/3rds As The Future

There does seem to be an growing feeling that mirrorless is the way cameras are going.

I suspect there will always be some uses for the crazy large lenses, but in truth even most professional photographers don't need those extremes.

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6 thoughts on “More Support For Micro 4/3rds As The Future”

  1. To put it succinctly: Modern man is just a neanderthal that has seen and learned to use cellphone.

    Wanting to use new and new crap doesn't somehow make one smart and tech savvy. One has to understand how things work.

    As far as there is no fundamental breakthrough within the lens, it seems stupid to show somewhat smaller body along big lens as the reason of change.

    And mirorrles has yet to show us fast dinamic autofocus WITHOUT light loss.

    Old Serbian proverbs say:

    "Those that survive shall speak"
    "First jump, then say hop"

    They seem appropriate somehow.

  2. Dismissing micro 4/3rds as just "new crap" or new for the sake of being new really underestimates the importance of the size savings (both for the camera and the lenses) and the value that has to many photographers.

    When I see professional photographers saying that they are taking and selling photos using micro 4/3rds cameras I think it's time to stop assuming that DSLR is somehow the best.

  3. I have never considered myself as an serious photographer. Avid yes but no pro.

    When I bought my first Canon 300D I didn't have a clue what SLR means. Nor did I care.

    All I knew was that I was sick of elcheapo crap I was using and that I wanted something that could get the job done.

    Which 300D has done. It wasn't perfect, but it was affordable and definitely step upward then.

    From that point on I couldn't care less what made it tick- be it SLR or Harry Potter itself sitting inside and making each photo appear in my CF card.

    This is how I see things today. I strive to undestand technology and science, but for useful purpose, not to chase around the market some "technologies" with bombastic names that some marketing departments conveniently prepared for me.

    Early tests show that there is considerable light loss and that no one has good, solid fast autofocus mechanism yet.

    All they have is some heuristics that might or might not work.

    And wrt to lens- well good lens cost money and weight a fair bit.

    It's just like an antenna- every good radio ham knows that good, solid, decently sized antenna is foundation of everything.

    You can have HW made by NASA, with shitty antenna it won't help you much.

    Lens are antenna system for light.

  4. By the very nature of the micro 4/3rds design the lenses are smaller and thus lighter than traditional DSLR.

    Both the lenses and the cameras are getting extremely positive reviews. The autofocus was an area of concern but recent models have done well in that area too.

  5. WRT to sensor size, if that is the aswwer then why not go for 1/4 inch for example ?

    Your phone is surely smaller than 4/3 camera and it has many other functions.

    Answer is simple- sensor noise. Why do you think manufacturers state size of each photoreceptive site on sensor ?

    I don't doubt that 4/3 are fit for many purposes, but the question was will the 4/3 mirrorless push SLR effectively out of the market.

    Based on what I have seen so far and without some revolution in sensor and lens tech, IMO no.

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