Middle-Earth Fan Art — The Seaport of Umbar

the_umbar_market__harad_by_direimpulse-d7k2pnpWhile Tolkien fleshed out the north western corner of Middle-Earth in metic­u­lous detail, he had much less to say about the south and east.  We get a few refer­ences here and there from char­ac­ters in The Lord of the Rings and they are refer­ences in the Appen­dices. We learn a little bit more in The Silmar­il­lion but they are a fairly blank slate.

One of the loca­tions that is mentioned though is the port city of Umbar which is where the Corsairs sail from to attack Minas Tirith. With such scant mate­rial to work from, artists are mostly left up to their own imag­i­na­tions when it comes to this part of Middle-Earth.

DireIm­pulse came up with this street scene from a market in the city of Umbar. It's hard to say if this is what Tolkien himself had in mind, but I like the imagery and the chosen palette gives you a sense of the heat of this part of the world.

Unless you look at the full size orig­i­nally you won't fully appre­ciate the amount of detailing that has gone into this scene. The build­ings for example were modeled in 3D, and layers of textures have been applied. It really is a gorgeous bit of work.

Source: DeviantArt — The Umbar Market, Harad

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