Marvel Fan Art — Captain America: Buy War Bonds

captain_america_happy_july_4th_by_jiuge-d55041mAnother themat­i­cally appro­priate post from me today. This fan art of Captain America by jiuge was done a couple of years ago but it’s new to me.

The good Captain is an obvious subject for a July 4th piece and this one certainly amps up the patri­otic symbolism with the flag and eagle in the back­ground too. It’s well composed, but above all it’s really well textured, from the mate­rial that Cap is wearing to the metallic sheen of his inde­struc­tible shield. Throwing in the “Buy War Bonds” text at the top fits in with Captain America’s war time origins too.

Source: Deviantart — Captain America Happy July 4th

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