Marvel Comics Fan Art — X-Men vs. Sentinels

xmen_by_jebedai-d7n6chhYou may have noticed that I post a lot of X-men related artwork. There are very simple reasons for this.

1) Comics are cool

2) The X-Men are cool

Any ques­tions? No? Good… let’s move on and discuss this partic­ular bit of X-Men artwork by jebedai which features Cyclops and Wolverine facing down a battalion of Sentinels. What do I like about this? Well for a start it’s 90’s style Cyclops (you know back before he became an asshole). Then there’s the classic giant purple Sentinels. Also I really like that the coloring doesn’t cover up the scratchy line work of the art. That style adds a certain energy to the image I think.

I recom­mend you click through to the artists page and check out his other artwork which includes some cool Spider-man vs. Venom pictures as well as other X-Men like Phoenix, Storm and Jubilee.

Source: DeviantArt — Xmen by jebedai

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