Marvel Comics Fan Art — Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD

nick_fury__digital_inks___quick_colors__by_fantasticmystery-d7pjztfWell I guess technically this would be Nick Fury Jr. if we're going by the comic books rather than the movies.

Yes, in order to bring the comic universe closer in line with the cinematic universe without actually killing off an iconic (to comic book nerds) character like Nick Fury, Marvel introduced Nick Fury's son (conveniently named Nick Fury Jr.) a couple of years ago. While the whole "he had a son" thing was pretty hockey, the character is solid enough and we still get to see classic Nick Fury from time to time so I'm okay with it.

I like the dynamism of FantasticMystery's interpretation of the character. He's very much the action hero and that shows in the image I think. Nick Fury (Jr. or Sr.) should always look cool and he does here.

Source: Deviantart - Nick Fury

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