Marvel Cinematic Universe Cosplay — Loki

<a href="http://www.eoghann.com/2014/06/marvel-cinematic-universe-cosplay-loki/loki_of_asgard_by_pugoffka_sama-d7j690i" rel="attachment wp-att-119469">loki_of_asgard_by_pugoffka_sama-d7j690iShort of actu­ally getting Tom Hiddle­ston to come and wear a Loki costume and then photographing it I think this is about as faithful and accu­rate a rendi­tion of Loki from the Marvel Studios movies as you can ask for.

The costume is great, the expres­sion on Loki's face is excel­lent and the photog­raphy by Pugoffka-Sama is really nicely done.

Source: DeviantArt —  Loki of Agard by Pugoffka-Sama

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