Lego Spaceships — Space Ninjas!

pf button both Lego Spaceships   Space Ninjas!

but62x20 Lego Spaceships   Space Ninjas!

14318620584 31ebb6b8e9 o Lego Spaceships   Space Ninjas!This ship is called the White­fang and while I'm not entirely clear on the prac­tical prop­er­ties of it being shaped like a dragon, it is undoubt­edly incred­ibly cool.

Appar­ently there's a whole back­story to this but I think the key thing to take away is that they're a clan of space ninjas and their space­ships are shaped like dragons.

Which makes this one of the coolest LEGO builds ever. Bril­liant design work by BobD­e­Quatre.

Source: Flickr — Whitefang

but62x20 Lego Spaceships   Space Ninjas!

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