LEGO Spaceships — Reckless Abandon

pf button both LEGO Spaceships   Reckless Abandon

but62x20 LEGO Spaceships   Reckless Abandon

14548336155 fa2307c59e k 1024x768 LEGO Spaceships   Reckless AbandonSpace­ships are cool. LEGO is cool. LEGO Space­ships are…  kinda neat.

This build by Chris Maddison is a very distinc­tive and rather alien looking space­ship that he calls the Reck­less Abandon. Chris has used the classic LEGO Space color scheme and the center­piece light brick (which gives it that alien feel) the result is an extremely stylish fighter ship.

Source: Flickr — Reck­less Abandon

but62x20 LEGO Spaceships   Reckless Abandon

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