LEGO Space — Cold Moon Base

pf button both LEGO Space   Cold Moon Base

but62x20 LEGO Space   Cold Moon Base

allone9 1024x890 LEGO Space   Cold Moon BaseHere's an epic build for you to enjoy from Migalart. He calls it Cold Moon Base and it's themed around the classic LEGO Space colors and look.

It's also huge and intri­cate and really quite brilliant.

Not only is there a space­ship on the landing pad, but there are defense systems and hangars as well. If you look around the model you'll see lots of smaller scenes happening with various mini-figures.

Check out Migalart's post on Euro­bricks for more photos and how this was put together.

Source: Euro­bricks — Cold Moon Base — LEGO SciFi Forum

but62x20 LEGO Space   Cold Moon Base

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