LEGO Simpsons — The Itchy And Scratchy Show

14006712701_fe3cdb44cc_z</a>Of course LEGO actu­ally has a Simp­sons set now and there's an upcoming LEGO episode of the Simp­sons tv show (I smell brand oppor­tu­ni­ties and marketing syner­gies). But what Mike M. gives us with this build is some­thing that really captures the spirit of the Itchy and Scratchy Show segments that show up in The Simp­sons from time to time. I could easily see this scene being in an episode.

The design is clever too with the way one of the char­ac­ters is suspended in the air from being zapped. I'm not quite so keen on the photog­raphy because the filter seems too strong and for my taste distracts from the model itself. But I'm nitpicking.

Source: Flickr– Mike M

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