LEGO Robotech – Classic Space Valkyrie VF-1 CS

13944641458 8a0677280a b 600x479 LEGO Robotech   Classic Space Valkyrie VF 1 CSRobotech (or Macross if you’re a purist) is probably one of the first exposures to anime that many Americans had. And featuring as it did giant robots and spaceships (both at the same time) it has carved out a permanent niche in geek culture.

So why has no one combined Robotech and LEGO? I don’t know, but you are in a position to correct this strange oversight.

The build here, Classic Space Valkyrie VF-1 CS is a Robotech Valkyrie built in the Classic Space blue and grey theming. And it looks great. Good enough to be an official LEGO set in fact. So if you want to see that happen you need to pop on over to LEGO Ideas (the successor to LEGO CUUSOO) and click to support it.

Do it. Do it now.

Source: LEGO Ideas – Classic Space Valkyrie VF-1 CS

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