LEGO Pirate — Arrr Matey!

pf button both LEGO Pirate   Arrr Matey!

but62x20 LEGO Pirate   Arrr Matey!

13785040634 1a9eba499f b 450x600 LEGO Pirate   Arrr Matey!Builder o' amazin' models Dylan Mievis has created this bril­liant LEGO Pirate, Captain Redbeard Blindeye out o' Technic and Bion­icle parts.

T' result, I think you'll agree be a wonderful model full o' char­acter. There's even an aft story that explains t' pirates lack o' eaye and missin' leg!

Source: Flickr

but62x20 LEGO Pirate   Arrr Matey!

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