LEGO Phineas And Ferb

9549371147 4fc1742089 b 571x600 LEGO Phineas And FerbWhatcha doin?

Lady and gentlemen, I give you … Phineas and Ferb made out of LEGO.

Hey… where’s Perry?

Oh… there you are Perry

So how about this for all sorts of awesome. A wonderful build by Sean and Steph Mayo that just does so many things right. For a start you’ve got the core Phineas and Ferb characters all looking like they do in the cartoon. Even the color scheme is spot on.

Then there’s lovely small touches like the fact the lawn more is actually cutting the grass. And speaking of the lawn mower, that’s such a Phineas and Ferb type of invention.
SourceFlickr – Sean and Steph Mayo

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