LEGO Phineas And Ferb

9549371147_4fc1742089_bWhatcha doin?

Lady and gentlemen, I give you … Phineas and Ferb made out of LEGO.

Hey… where’s Perry?

Oh… there you are Perry

So how about this for all sorts of awesome. A wonderful build by Sean and Steph Mayo that just does so many things right. For a start you’ve got the core Phineas and Ferb char­ac­ters all looking like they do in the cartoon. Even the color scheme is spot on.

Then there’s lovely small touches like the fact the lawn more is actu­ally cutting the grass. And speaking of the lawn mower, that’s such a Phineas and Ferb type of inven­tion.
SourceFlickr — Sean and Steph Mayo

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