LEGO Ideas Selects Female Researchers Set As Next Release

imageLEGO's announcement of the latest LEGO Ideas (formerly CUUSOO) product is good news in many ways, but it also reveals that a lot of the fans and the builders who submit these designs aren't thinking things through properly.

The good news is that this set of female minifigures engaged in scientific jobs will now get made under the title Research Institute. And it's a product that will directly address one of the more glaring gaps in LEGO's offerings. And it's a very practical set that will work with lots of other sets as well. So that's a great thing. In fact it's pretty clear that LEGO really wanted to figure out a way to make this one happen since they held it over from the previous round of reviews.

While there's a certain amount of inevitable grousing by fans of one of the other designs who were hoping they would get picket, the Research Institute definitely deserves to be released and LEGO insist that each set is evaluated and accepted or rejected on it's own merits. So theoretically the others could had been made if they had been suitable.

LEGO don't say why they rejected the other 6 sets under consideration, but it's not that hard to figure it out when you look at them. The majority are licensed sets which presents some major obstacles to manufacturing. There's no guarantee you can get a license and even if you can... it may be cost prohibitive.

One of them is essentially a retread because LEGO have already produced and released a Back To The Future Delorean set. And then there's size. While some of these submissions are amazingly designed, the scale makes them utterly impractical to actually sell and an affordable price. So they're not going to happen. I'm as guilty of ignoring that as anyone when I post pictures and suggest we support them.

Source: LEGO Ideas Blog - Announcing the Next LEGO Ideas Set, and Winter 2014 LEGO Review Results

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