LEGO History — High Impact

LEGO History - High Impact

This well executed and superbly photographed diorama of two knights jousting by _James Pegrum_is actually based on a historical incident:

24th January 1536, Greenwich Palace, London, England. King Henry VIII takes part in a jousting tournament, however this will be his last one.

Having had previous injuries in jousting tournaments, Henry VIII is not going to given up one of his favourite sports and once again bravely takes part in a dangerous jousting tournament. However on this occasion he is unhorsed by his opponent, falling to the ground, weighed down by his heavy armour. Furthermore his horse then falls on him and Henry is left unconscious for two hours. During this time the doctors fear he may not recover. This accident ended his jousting career.

After the incident Henry's health continued to cause him problems, particularly with his legs which had been injured in a previous jousting incident. It is also considered that the accident scarred the King mentally.

See. LEGO is educational too!


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