LEGO History — High Impact

LEGO History — High Impact
This well executed and superbly photographed diorama of two knights jousting by _James Pegrum_is actu­ally based on a histor­ical incident:

24th January 1536, Green­wich Palace, London, England. King Henry VIII takes part in a jousting tour­na­ment, however this will be his last one.

Having had previous injuries in jousting tour­na­ments, Henry VIII is not going to given up one of his favourite sports and once again bravely takes part in a dangerous jousting tour­na­ment. However on this occa­sion he is unhorsed by his oppo­nent, falling to the ground, weighed down by his heavy armour. Further­more his horse then falls on him and Henry is left uncon­scious for two hours. During this time the doctors fear he may not recover. This acci­dent ended his jousting career.

After the inci­dent Henry's health continued to cause him prob­lems, partic­u­larly with his legs which had been injured in a previous jousting inci­dent. It is also consid­ered that the acci­dent scarred the King mentally.

See. LEGO is educa­tional too!



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