LEGO Futurama — Life Sized LEGO Bender Statue

pf button both LEGO Futurama   Life Sized LEGO Bender Statue

but62x20 LEGO Futurama   Life Sized LEGO Bender Statue

Well the title really told you all you needed to know in this case didn't it?

This is a 6 foot tall LEGO statue of Bender from Futu­rama created by Adrian Drake and containing some­thing like 20,000 bricks. But if that doesn't impress you for some reason, perhaps the fact that it has a drinks compart­ment in its torso will?

Still not impressed? What about the alter­na­tive Richard Nixon head (as built by Simon Liu)?

Source: Flickr — Bender

but62x20 LEGO Futurama   Life Sized LEGO Bender Statue

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