LEGO Dungeons & Dragons – The Beholder

14533811794 d43e932097 k 827x1024 LEGO Dungeons & Dragons   The BeholderThe Beholder is one of the most iconic (do you see what I did there?) monsters in Dungeons and Dragons. Essentially it’s a giant floating eyeball with a big mouth and a bunch of tentacles (also with little eyes) attached to it.

It was first introduced to D&D all the way back in the Greyhawk expansion in 1975 and unlike so many of the early monsters it is actually a D&D original, not something that was inspired by a book or movie or fairytale. It’s a well known enough monster that it even got three computer games named after it.

But I don’t think it’s ever been cute before. Not until Guy H. produced this LEGO version of a Beholder using the LEGO Mixel range anyway.

Source: Flickr – Beholder Mixel

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