LEGO Doctor Who – TARDIS Bookends

There’s been a fair amount of excitement recently over hints that LEGO may be able to pursue a license for Doctor Who sets. Which is kind of cool, although I rather like the existing non-LEGO brand sets personally. There’s even a CUUSOO project that just hit the review target.

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I’ll be honest though… I wasn’t actually that impressed by it.

This on the other hand is great. First off it’s actually book ends so you can display it together or apart. Secondly the Doctor is immediately recognisable and not just because I know the colors of the sonic screwdrivers (yes I’m that sort of fan).

Done in classic mini-land style by Adam Dodge there is no mistaking the 10th Doctor, his hair, his jacket and his suit.

The Dalek is pretty cute too, if perhaps not terrifying.

Link: Flickr

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