LEGO Diorama — Training Under The Stars

pf button both LEGO Diorama   Training Under The Stars

but62x20 LEGO Diorama   Training Under The Stars

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Wow.… quite a build by Lukasz Wiktorowicz. The scene is of an oriental warrior training at night. But it's the layers of this build that really set it apart.

There's a sort of parallax three dimen­sional nature to to this build. In the middle we have the warrior, tree and building. in front a layer of grass and bushes and then behind a mosaic to show the moun­tains and night sky. All built out of LEGO.

The result is quite impres­sive, partic­u­larly with the light lowered in the photograph.

Source: Flickr

but62x20 LEGO Diorama   Training Under The Stars

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