LEGO Diorama — Olympus

pf button both LEGO Diorama   Olympus

but62x20 LEGO Diorama   Olympus

13674126335 0e9971bfb0 o 768x1024 LEGO Diorama   OlympusOkay, that's impressive.

Mount Olympus. Home of the pantheon of Greek Gods. Built out of LEGO and lit up at night. Some really nice building by El Barto.

You can't tell from this partic­ular photo, but click through to MOC Pages and you'll discover that each of the Gods is in place in Olympus. You'll also get to see lots of cool build photos about how exactly this all went together.

Source: MOCPages — 2014 VLUG Odyssey — Mount Olympus

but62x20 LEGO Diorama   Olympus

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