LEGO Castles — The Rainbow Castle

pf button both LEGO Castles   The Rainbow Castle

but62x20 LEGO Castles   The Rainbow Castle

13868293944 1e6275129c b 512x600 LEGO Castles   The Rainbow CastleActu­ally it's called the LSD castle, but I just liked calling it the rainbow castle.

At first glance this is a rela­tively simple design, but take another look. Did you notice that the minifigs are color coör­di­nated with the castle? And they eyeballs on the walkway into the castle?

And then look at the archi­tec­ture of the castle itself. There's some great detail work on the tower. Oh and what about the microfig­ures in the gateway?

Source: Flickr — Simon Schweyer

but62x20 LEGO Castles   The Rainbow Castle

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