LEGO Architecture: The White House (21006) 28% Off

81k03+8-7OL._SL1500_I love the LEGO Archi­tec­ture series (as does my son Jamie). These micro-scale builds are not only remark­ably accu­rate to the building they are based on, but they come with a cool booklet that gives a lot of back­ground infor­ma­tion about the building.

Set 21006, The White House is a good example of what the Archi­tec­ture series is all about. Because of the small scale the details are obvi­ously limited, but once built you have some­thing that you could very easily sit on your desk or shelf for display.

Plus it’s themat­i­cally appro­priate for the day!

Amazon​.com — LEGO Archi­tec­ture: The White House (21006)

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