Big Ben

LEGO Architecture 21013 Big Ben

Big Ben

Another of Jamie’s birthday presents built. We’d have had this one done sooner but a key (and rather unique) piece was missing. However, all credit to LEGO. I went to their sight, entered the set number iden­ti­fied the missing piece and they shipped to me no ques­tions asked, no charge. That’s impres­sive customer service.

The set is a great one I think. Like all of the archi­tec­ture series it’s all tiny pieces and there’s not a lot of color variety to it, but it does an excel­lent job of capture the shape of this distinc­tive building.

Although Jamie loves them, these sets really aren’t aimed and kids. This is the sort of model you could build and put on your desk at work. If I was to crit­i­cise it at all, it would be the color of the brick­work which just feels a little off to me. But real­is­ti­cally how many shades of brick colored bricks can LEGO be expected to have.

Link: Lego Archi­tec­ture 21013 — Big Ben

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