LEGO Architecture 21013 Big Ben

Big Ben

Another of Jamie's birthday presents built. We'd have had this one done sooner but a key (and rather unique) piece was missing. However, all credit to LEGO. I went to their sight, entered the set number identified the missing piece and they shipped to me no questions asked, no charge. That's impressive customer service.

The set is a great one I think. Like all of the architecture series it's all tiny pieces and there's not a lot of color variety to it, but it does an excellent job of capture the shape of this distinctive building.

Although Jamie loves them, these sets really aren't aimed and kids. This is the sort of model you could build and put on your desk at work. If I was to criticise it at all, it would be the color of the brickwork which just feels a little off to me. But realistically how many shades of brick colored bricks can LEGO be expected to have.

Link: Lego Architecture 21013 - Big Ben

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