King of the Ring 1993 Thoughts

20130604_article_JUNE_KOTRBack in 1993 there was a much longer gap between PPVs than there is now, but since I’m currently only tracking RAW and the show back then only ran for 45 minutes (without ads) it doesn’t take long to move on to the next big event. Which was the first ever King of the Ring tournament.

The tour­na­ment makes up the bulk of this PPV, but there were a few other matches:

Shawn Michaels (with body­guard Diesel) defended his Inter­con­ti­nental Cham­pi­onship against Crush in what was a good match albeit one with a screwjob ending. At this point in his career Michaels was playing the cowardly heel role and the story of the match played out nicely.

Hulk Hogan mean­while defended his WWF Cham­pi­onship against Yokozuna who finally “killed” Hulka­mania (Hulk was leaving the company). Hogan gets a lot of stick and some of it deservedly so. Certainly his Big Boot move rarely looks good. But he knew how to sell to his audi­ence and he performed it perfectly here getting beaten up for most of the match only to Hulk Up and be on the verge of victory when we get another screwjob ending. Great wrestling no, but certainly fun.

I really don’t have anything to say about the 8 man tag match of The Steiner Brothers and the Smoking Guns vs. Money Inc. and the Head­shrinkers. It was there…

But this PPV is all about The King of the Ring tour­na­ment and I have always enjoyed that sort of format. For a start it gives the oppor­tu­nity to book wrestlers that you don’t usually see going against each other.  The high­light this time out was easily Brett Hart vs. Mr. Perfect in what was an excel­lent match that mixed tech­nical wrestling and some brawling.

More surpris­ingly perhaps was how much I actu­ally enjoyed watching Tatanka wrestling Lex Luger. Not a combi­na­tion I expected much from. And certainly it started very slowly. But because they were both booked so strongly (Tatanka was in the middle of a winning streak and WWF had plans for Luger) the dizzying succes­sion of near pins and the clock running out made for a really good match up.

While there was a lot less spec­tacle in this PPV than there was in Wrestle­mania IX, I enjoyed King of the Ring 1993 far more.

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