Jefferson Rock

Jefferson RockJefferson Rock is a significant landmark in Harpers Ferry. It's a little bit of a climb to get to it. Enough to have you out of breath, but not enough to put you off doing it.

It sits above the Shenadoah river and gives a commanding view of the surrounding land. The view was such that Thomas Jefferson (thus the name) stated that "this scene is worth a voyage across the Atlantic."

Which to be honest seems a bit hyperbolic. But I imagine in his view from on top of the rock is substantially better than the ones tourists can get now, since it is far too unstable and no one is allowed on it. Instead we all take pictures of the rock itself...

This particular shot may not be to everyone's tastes as I've used a much higher level of tone mapping than I usually do and as a result the image is more stylized and less naturalistic. But  I really like the effect in this case.

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